Preschool Corner- RRSP: Letter N, YCR: Unit 4

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Abby is 3 1/2 years old. 

Time is flying by and the past few weeks have been quite a blur.  I can only imagine how nuts the next month will be...................


Letter: N
Color: Black
Number: 10
Sight Word: One
Bible Verse: No one can serve two masters.

Abby's independence is greatly appreciated right now.  She knows the drill and the order we do things, grabs the activity and just begins. 

Reading her easy reader...


ABC's, 123's, Shapes, Colors and Theme Printables

Unfortuantly, we were doing good to get her work in and I did not have any themed printables for her.  However, we did watch and read Finding Nemo which she always enjoys.

This is a sheet I made just so we could go over the alphabet and the alphabet sounds on a daily basis.  It's a simple, yet good review for her. 

Shapes and colors...

Alphabet BINGO using beginning sounds, ending sounds and letter sequence...

She used tongs to transfer different colored pom poms to the tray.  Our "Abby" size tongs magically broke, so she had to use the gigantic tongs.  She loves this activity!

You Can Read

Unit 4


Abby has a knack for sight words.  The kid has the sharpest memory and it's so surprising sometimes.  Before I printed out all the activities, she had all 4 words memorized reading them off to her Dad.


It's been incredibly hot here lately with temperatures soaring well above 100 outside playtime has been limited to either early morning, late evening or non-existent.

After playing in the sprinkler we took a walk to grandma's house...

One night, we discovered a turtle in our yard during a walk.

And, I believe this might be an Indigo Bunting that we saw sitting on the front porch one night.  Abby was so excited!

During the day, she played with alot of her toys.  She's got such a wonderful, creative imagination that keeps her occupied for hours.

She built dinosaurs, necklaces and many other things with her Zoobs.

Meet Keeley!

We have a new addition to the not that one..but it is another girl!  Abby has a new pet, Keeley the Hermit Crab.  On a recent trip to Florida, Uncle Brad brought Abby back a surprise! :-)

We went to the pet shop and Abby helped me pick out a new home for her, which she seems to enjoy.  We added shells Nana brought back from Florida too, so she should feel right at home. Abby checks on her all the time and we've discovered hermit crabs LOVE watermelon!  I'm hoping to do a unit on Hermit Crabs soon, so we can learn more about them.

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