Preschool Corner- RRSP: Letter T, YCR: Unit One and Camping Theme

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Preschool Corner      Abby is currently 3 1/2 years old.

It was all about camping at our house this past week and Abby was a happy little camper!  Last weekend, her and Daddy went on a little camping trip and despite the chill..she had a great time. 

Letter: T
Color: Green
Sight Word: The
Number: 2
Bible Verse: Exodus 20:15

This week we read about Moses receiving the Ten Commandements, one of which, was her Bible Verse of the week...Thou Shall Not Steal. 

She thinks she's such a big girl tracing letters.

We have been practicing on patience with using scissors.  She has come such a long way from just chopping away.  She's learned to go slow and is getting better with her precision.

Abby chose to dot paint her Ten Commandments craft.

ABC's, 123's, Colors, Shapes and Theme Printables

We used the Camping Printables from here and here and she did most of her school time in her play tent, which was a HUGE hit.

Counting and clothespinning numbers...

Naming and sorting pom poms by color..

Beginning sounds...


She's improving so well on writing her name!!

Nomenclature cards and matching...

Super proud of herself!


We used ideas pinned on my School Ideas and Camping Theme boards this week on Pinterest.

After seeing how happy painting made her last week, I tried to find activities that she could make using as much paint and creativity as she wanted.  We watched Franklin the Turtle Camps out and made these cute Turtles from egg crates and foam.

And, an indoor campfire!

Still working on making more flames...


The weather has been so pleasant this week, we took a trip to the zoo with one of my friends and her two children.  I think they had a pretty fun time together.

Daddy found a snake skin that was fun to observe.

And, she spent almost every night camping out in her play tent with dalmation dog.

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