RRSP: Letter L, YCR: Unit One and Easter Theme

Monday, April 09, 2012

Preschool Corner

Abby is currently 3 1/2 years old.


Letter: L 
Verse: Matthew 5:16
Number: 1
Sight word: See
Color: Yellow

We were excited to begin our new school routine this week.  I was very curious to see how Abby would do and she was definately ready to be busy in her normal "Abby" fashion!  We started with the Raising Rock Stars Preschool program as a base.  Our daily acitivities were centered around the weekly Bible verse memorization and application, singing, reading and the letter/color/number/sight word of the week.

Here's what it looked like in action.

Reading her easy reader...

Practicing for letter L...

Cutting and taping her Bible verse together (which she actually memorized)...

Candle craft with Bible Verse...

ABC's, 123's, Shapes, Colors and Theme Printables

Easter Theme Printables are found at Over the Big Moon.

Abby is doing quite well with verbally counting.  She can get to 30 with help here and there, however, we still continue to work on number recognition, numbers 6 and 9 are still difficult for her to differentiate between.

We used these printables to work on 1:1 counting and number identification and to dot paint.

Dot painting letter L...

Still working on the patience to color...haha



Unscrambling the picture...

Working on colors and shapes...

We worked on beginning sounds and matching the picture to the word. 

Playing alphabet BINGO...


Hammering her foam alphabet letters in...

Upper and Lowercase letter L sort..

Shadow matching..

Finishing the pattern..

More sorting..

Putting the numbers in order..

Counting and number recognition...

And, she worked on a few prewriting practice sheets.

Arts and Crafts

Many of our crafts this week came from ideas on my Easter board on Pinterest.

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We focused daily on reading The Last Supper and Jesus Is Alive in Abby's Bible.  She really enjoyed and requested we read the stories multiple times. 

She made a cross from popsicle sticks.

A bunny made from cottonballs...

My personal favorite..an oil painted cross with watercolor paint.  Abby was surely in love with painting with this activity.

Smudging the oil pastels on white paper..

Painting with watercolor..

It's so cute!

And, the empty tomb..

You Can Read: Unit One

We are almost ready to progres to Unit 2 after looking at Unit 1 on and off again for the past few months.  I want to review Unit 1 for another week and we will see how things go.  Printables can be found here.

One day she wanted to play ring toss, I got the idea to play Sight Word Ring Toss..she really had a blast!

She worked on connecting the dots and making shapes with her sight words.

Sight word BINGO..

Playtime Fun!

Running and running and more running...

Searching for eggs..

Happy Easter!

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