Preschool Corner- RRSP: Letter I, YCR: Unit Two and Ice Cream/Ice Theme

Monday, April 30, 2012

Abby is currently 3 1/2 years old.

The past few months, I have been analyzing and experimenting with different activities to see which Abby enjoys and benefits most from.  She's very hands on and prefers to dive right in without much introduction.  With that in mind, I'm slowly incorporating more science into our lessons and what better introduction than..ICE and ICE CREAM! 


Color: Red
Sight Word: Can
Number: 4
Bible Verse: Philippians 4:13


Coloring her Bible verse...

Cutting her Bible verse with much concentration...

ABC's, 123's, Shapes, Colors and Theme Printables

We have been hard at work on number identification and counting this week!  We tried the Montessori approach (minus sandpaper numbers) for a few days and towards the end of the week switched to flashcard drills. 

With this method, the child counts out the number of beads listed on the card and places them in pairs.  This is an excellent way to introduce even and odd numbers.  I mainly had Abby participate in this activity for counting and number identification, however, she did pick up on the odd beads and had fun jumping from number to number saying whether it was even or odd.

She used corresponding colors to trace and draw shapes.  Drawing was NOT a well accepted activity.

We used these Ice Cream themed resources to dot paint and create a color book.

We played Bingo a little differently this week by hunting for letters based on beginning sounds and even throwing in a few ending sounds.

We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and worked on naming the lowercase letters...

Then, she watched one of her favorite videos...

Finger painting her letter of the week...

You Can Read


We began Unit 2 of the You Can Read program, while still reviewing Unit 1 periodically during the week.  Abby seemed to have a difficult time with one of her words, "can" even though it was the word of the week.  After a few failed attempts to help her remember, we finally got a system...spelling.  With a combination of her spelling the word and applying her knowledge of letter sounds, she began piecing together the idea of reading words and continues to find excitement in figuring out challenging things for herself.

She colored her sight words in the order she chose.

Reading and tracing...

Word hunt by color...


I pinned this idea on my School Ideas board on Pinterest.  Abby loved seeing what happens when the two colors melted and created green water.  We tried several other combinations.  I should note--I used WAY TOO MUCH food coloring. :-)

We also observed what occurs when you place ice cubes in hot water versus cold water. 

And simply, transferring ice cubes into different containers..which literally kept her occupied for hours until they melted away and then it was tragic.

My Dad suggested making Coffee Can Ice Cream.  Unfortunately, no one I know drinks coffee so we had to improvise.  Instead, we made Plastic Bag Ice Cream.

We used these simple ingredients.

Add sugar to milk...

Stir in vanilla...

 Add salt and SHAKE!

Our ice cream was more of a very frothy vanilla ice milk, but it had a really good vanilla taste. 


Abby started gymnastics this week and is loving every minute!!

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Preschool Corner- RRSP: Letter H, YCR: Unit One and Pretty Bugs Theme

Saturday, April 21, 2012

 Abby is currently 3 1/2 years old.    Preschool Corner

The weekend of Easter, we received quite an exciting package in the caterpillars! Of the five shipped, only four survived upon arrival to our home, three of which were full grown and ready for their metamorphosis and one was a very tiny baby. Abby was very intrigued and observed her new friends frequently throughout the day.

One morning, we woke to discover two of our three grown caterpillars had climbed to the top of the observation container and had now spun silk and were hanging upside down.

While playing outside that afternoon, we came in to discover one of the caterpillars had made a chrysalis.

We monitored the second larvae very closely for the remainder of the night. Amazingly, we were lucky enough to witness this incredible change right before our eyes.

The body started becoming somewhat shiny.

Within seconds, a very noticeable change...

Now, part of the body is starting to separate from the caterpillar and will fall to the bottom of the container..

And in minutes, we now have a chrysalis to observe.  Abby and I were amazed!

By late evening, the third caterpillar we named "Autumn" had finally discovered what to do after poking and fighting with our first two caterpillars while they prepared for their metamorphosis. The next afternoon, Autumn had formed a chrysalis and we watched for 9 days waiting for the emergence of our beautiful butterflies. After all the chrysalides were formed, I carefully moved them to the mesh pavilion.  And, we hiked to Grandma's house to collect a lovely assortment of Wildflowers, Iris' and other beautiful flowers to spread across the bottom of the mesh pavilion and sprinkled dew drops of sugar water on the flowers.

With the butterfly emergence anticipation, we spent the week learning about what else...Pretty Bugs especially caterpillars and butterflies.


Color: Blue
Number: 3
Bible Verse: Exodus 20:12

Tracing, Tracing and MORE Tracing...

Scissor practice..

Bible Verse craft...

ABC's, 123's, Colors, Shapes and Theme Printables

Abby loved this little snail puzzle I got at Target last summer.

Following directions--She had to listen and locate both the color and shape I called out.

She practiced cutting the little characters out which was a bit challenging and then we added magnets so she could have some imaginative playtime.

Another Target find last summer..a caterpillar rainbow puzzle.

She learned about Parts of a Butterfly and had to label each part.

Using pom pom magnets to locate beginning sounds...

Matching upper and lowercase letters together...

And, tracing...


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We made pom pom clothespin caterpillars, added some magnets and we have a new way to display schoolwork on the refrigerator.

Painted butterflies...

Handprint caterpillars which was her favorite, inspired from The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

One thing my daughter does not lack is self sufficiency and imagination..I stepped away for a minute to finish some laundry and I came back to discover a whole family of handprint caterpillars along with a story for each one.

After her handprint craft, Abby watched and loved the video I found based on the Eric Carle classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

You Can Read

We are finished with Unit One, but will continue to review weekly as we incorporate new sight words.

Unscrambling the words and spelling..

Our Butterflies

All the butterflies emerged either while we were playing or sleeping and released shortly after. The experience has been fun-filled for both of us and we will be able to experience again soon, as the baby caterpillar has been growing rapidly and will be ready in the next week or two.

Notice this particular Painted Lady Butterfly started with 4 wings total (2 large, 2 small)...

But, she ended up with 2 perfect, beautiful wings!