A Change of Plans...

Friday, March 30, 2012

This had originally been designated as week one of Abby's Preschool, but when rummaging through the many totes all our stuff is temporarily housed...I got unmotivated, overwhelmed and decided to spend the week organizing rather than trying to plan around a mess. 

In the midst of finding ideas for this organizational bliss, Abby and I happened upon a new bed for a future "big sister."  With less than 4 months to go, I wanted her to get used to "sharing" her space and also to get adjusted to a new "temporary" bed until we are eventually settled into our house.  So..we surprised my husband with not only a new bed, but a full room rearrangment when he got home.  While changing out certain pieces, the overwhelming school stuff issue really got crazy.  However, thanks to my little helper, we got it all straightened out and we are prepared to start first thing Monday morning and I am very excited, as is Abby.

Next week, I'll discuss what I have planned for her as far as school work goes, as well as, some of the activities I have pinned on Pinterest for our Easter theme.

Until then, big girl's need responsibility and what better than a chore chart.  Abby loves helping me with EVERYTHING..so this gives her a chance to do just that and earn some "coins" for her doggy bank.  I got this cute idea from Pinterest, thanks to this blog.  For an added bonus, I finally got to use my new laminator from Christmas!

Of course..she had to model her new chart.

And..I got her in action.

Too funny..

And sometimes, little girls have to make a mess and play before they can pick up their toys..so I'm told.

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