Tot School- V for Valentine's Day

Monday, February 20, 2012

Abby is 42 months old.


I am getting excited with our alphabet winding down and it happened to work out that Abby was learning letter V during Valentine's Day week.

She practiced cutting, but still gets very impatient.

Dot painting..

Locating all the uppercase and lowercase "v's."

Prewriting practice by tracing..

Gluing and sequencing..

Finding pictures that are different...

We loved the confetti roses Daddy got us for Valentine's Day.

Abby decided to teach me how to write certain letters on her easel.  Here she is demonstrating letter H.

Beginning sounds..

Counting and number identification...she loves this activity.

I've neglected her sight words for a while, but we finally began practicing with them again.  She really impresses me with her memory having not gone over them in sometime.  She had to mark the word I called out.

Color recognition and coloring..

She enjoyed completing the puzzles.

 More numbers..she had this done almost before I took a picture..haha

I can tell she wants more independent work.  She requested to do this sorting activity "all by my own self."

Another activity I watched from a far...patterns.

All printables are from Over The Big Moon.

Tot School- Letter U for Umbrella

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Abby is 42 months.

This week we focused on the Letter U, but I didn't really have a theme planned out.  I used printables from 1+1+1=1.

Have I ever mentioned how much Abby loves dot painting??? :-)  Well, she did plenty and loved it the whole time.


Counting raindrops and tracing the matching number..

Working on numbers with a little game..

She started getting frustrated so we called it a day.

She wanted to color the shapes I called out.

And, color names and coloring.

Tot School- Letter S and Solar System with Letter T

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Abby is 41.5 months old.

We are finally in the home stretch of finishing the alphabet.  Based on my plans, we should be done at the beginning of March.  Things haven't been quite as smooth the past few months, but slowly and surely we are starting to get back on track.

We studied the Solar System during our Letter S week.  Abby was really intrigued by the Magic School Bus series on space adventure.  She became aware of the planets, comets and other space related items.  We had been practicing the names of planets and one day, without help, she recited them perfectly.  I was shocked and super proud! 

Most of our work for Letter S and T, has been on her easel and computer, so pictures are not so easy to do.  She is becoming more interested in writing letters and we usually spend quite a while drawing and writing during the day.

One thing I see we need to work on is number recognition and we will be focusing on that intensely before March.

However, one beautiful day, we took a field trip to the local zoo.  Abby is always thrilled to see animals, so she was a happy little girl that day.



 Abby really liked the Hippo.  I think she wanted to swim in the pool too. :-)

The beloved swinging bridge.  We are going to have to construct one of these at some point because she has the best time.

 Tina the Llama :-)

Playing on her workbench..