Tot School- Letter P, Q and R

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Abby is 41 months old.

I have had good intentions to post, but the last few weeks have been off.  In the spirit of trying to get back on track, I'll simplify this and just combine into one long post.

At the beginning of the month, Abby began studying letter P.  The theme was Peter Pan.  She really enjoyed the week.  I did not have many print outs for her, but we read the several books we had and watched the Disney movie.  She is still infatuated with the crocodile song. :-)

Abby asks "to do school" on a daily basis.  Some days are short, some days she wants to do activities for hours.  On those short days, I put together a little notebook (idea and printouts here) for her to grab and work on independently and I also have her sight word activities that we can work on cuddled up on the couch together.

She worked on tracing...

She wanted to trace more, so we worked on her sight words.  She read the words first to me, then traced.

She used different colors to find the word I called out.

Connect the dots to make a word shape..

And a new favorite..drawing.  Here she decided to draw her Aunt, Uncle and two cousins.

She enjoyed some creative play with her foam blocks.  She loves them, as they are a daily favorite from morning until bedtime.

She also got an easel for Christmas, that she really loves.  She is practicing writing Letter Q and she began drawing a picture of Mommy, Daddy and Abby.

Abby used her dot marker to locate the big and little Qq's.  We used these printables.

She requested to color.


My mother-in-law got Abby these really cute activity books.  She wanted to practice cutting, so she picked a page from her new book.

After she was done cutting the picture, she wanted to glue the pieces.

She wanted to trace some more.  She used both crayons and dot markers.

I wanted her to get some more practice writing her name.  

This was one of those days that she just kept wanting to do more and more.  I thought we would catch up and do some letter R activities.

She likes Little Einstein's so, R for Rocket seemed to be pretty fantastic.  She found her Rocket toy and it watched as she completed her activities.

We reviewed shapes and she worked more on coloring.

And, she colored her mini book and read it back to me.

Tools Used

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