Tot School- Letter O and The Birth of Jesus

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Abby is 40.5 months old.

Tot School

I have been meaning to post a few (very few) pictures of Abby's last school week before we took a nice Christmas break, but have been busy and scheduling/events around our house has put a little damper on things.  With that said, I think we are ready to introduce some new things Abby has been working on that I haven't posted about.  I'll get to that towards the end.

Abby is maturing on a level to which I can give her activities to work on independently.  I'm still there, of course, but this particular night I was making dinner.  I gave her a few activities and she knew what to do without any instruction.  While completing the activities, she was verbally giving me an account of what she was doing and wanted my approval when finished. :-)

She worked on shadow matching...

Sequencing, large to small and small to large..

Together, we worked on identifying numbers and placing them in order from 1-10.

She was very excited with the finished puzzle.

Abby's great aunt, Becky, is very crafty and put together a cute Christmas tree door hanger craft.  We worked to complete it and the end product was super cute!

She played dress up...

Captured moments from Christmas..

Now, for some of our new work.  Again, I haven't taken many pictures because I was just curious what Abby would do with the information.  During the break, I gave Abby a few assessments to see where we were and areas we need to improve upon.  One area I've noticed increased interest in, is reading.  Abby is very good with letter recognition, she is very interested in what words start with (ex.  She was eating lunch with a fork one day and asked what "fork" started with.  I said what does "fork" sound like, she answered like "fan."  I said ok, what does "fan" start with and she answered quickly with, "letter F."), she is very good at comprehending movies, books, and life in general.  She asks plenty of questions looking for answers and we always try to give her a detailed answer, if possible.  Plus, she loves being read to and reading to her baby dolls and animals.  She loves recognizing our names on mail, ornaments, written or on shirts, especially her name.

 On 1+1+1=1, she has a program called You Can Read, for young readers.  It is based on high frequency sight words and is broken down into small units, full of activities and many games children can play while learning at the same time.  We haven't fully attacked Unit 1, this was just a brief introduction to even see if she was interested. 

Unit One Words: a, and, see, the

Within a few days, she had 3 out of 4 memorized. Randomly, throughout the day, I would write a word or show her a flashcard and she thought it was so exciting to read the word.  Now back from break, I plan to fill our school time with more activities and games including these sight words.  I'm in no hurry with these and when I feel like she has tackled them then we will move on to Unit 2.

Abby also got a set of Bob books for Christmas.  The set is full of very easy readers that start with beginning sounds and she loves reading them!  Next week, I'll have more information and pictures with our new adventure!!

Here is an example of You Can Read activities we have worked on over the break.

Color By Sight Word: I layed out 4 crayons (red, blue, yellow, green) which were linked to each word.  She actually begged me to color!!  My kid that hates it, so that was exciting.  She picked the words in order of what she knew and had to look at the beginning letter of the color to figure out what and where to color. 

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