Tot School- Letter N and Nativity Theme with Christmas Symbols

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Abby is 40 months old.

Abby loves the Christmas season, as do she was super excited with the activities planned this week.  We focused on the birth of Jesus, which we will continue for the next few weeks.  We used printables from here and here.

She played with the infamous lentils...

Helped me read a story..

Super proud of her number tracing..

Counting and number matching..

More counting...

A new favorite...mazes!

Puzzle matching with uppercase and lowercase letters...

She worked on patterns.   

Putting different sized wreaths in the right categories...


Color and tracing work..

And, more categorizing..

Since August, I have been trying to vary the activities Abby does to see what she finds easy and ones she finds challenging, as well as, identifying her learning style.  We have reached a point where she needs more challenging work and I have been doing research and working on a plan for after Christmas break.  We will be working on a few assessments and in the next few weeks and months, she will begin transitioning to more advanced work.  She has such love for learning and gets really excited when she masters something new, so I have a feeling she will be thrilled in the coming weeks!

Tot School- Letter M and Nutcracker Theme

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Abby is 39.5 months old.

Tot School

Abby started showing interest in ballet earlier this year.  By her birthday, she was really loving it and I started looking at getting her into classes, but never got around to it.  Around October, I thought it would be fun to take her to an actual ballet to see if she would like it in person.  I've always loved the Nutcracker ballet and a theater back home offers a nice program called Arts Teach Kids.  In preparation for our trip, I created some Nutcracker themed activities and Abby watched a Barbie and Mickey Mouse version of the ballet.  Throughout the week in the car and at home, we listened to the score written by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky...perfect car seat dance music.

For our week, Abby wanted to play with her Magnadoodle and magnets.  I wrote letters and numbers for her to identify and she wanted to practice writing her name.

Counting and number identification...

Letter sounds and recognition..

Shapes and colors...

I found this festive alphabet puzzle at CVS.  I had Abby place whichever letter she wanted to in the puzzle.  The only thing was, she had to name it.  She got down to letter D and U and she was unsure.  So, (pointing to letter D) I said, "What sound does this letter make?"  She said the D sound.  Then, the lightbulb went off and she said it's a letter D.  For letter U, she needed examples like Uh Uh umbrella before she realized the answer.  She has done so well in this and thinks it is so much fun!

Since we are working on Letter M for Mouse King, she used her dot marker to dot a Letter M.

I tried something new recently, with Abby dictating stories in her own words.  We started with Jonah and the Whale.  When asked what happened in the story, this was her response.

Abby- "Jonah disobeyed God.  He just got swallowed by the whale.  He prayed in the whale and it just spit him out.  Jonah was a good boy.  And, Jonah cried like a poor baby while Jonah was in the whale. And, the whale just spit Jonah out."

Then, I asked her which part of the story was her favorite.

Abby- "Ummm....Hmmmm....when he was praying."

She worked on more number recognition with her puzzle and we used the Ballerina printables from 1+1+1=1.

Playing the Ladybug game..

We were lucky enough to get third row seats for a weekday performance of The Nutcracker with surrounding schools in the area.  She absolutely loved the production!  The play was filled with little kids as presents and mice, which she thought was great.  She was dancing, mimicking the performers in her chair and she danced all day long, plus she got to dress up like a princess. :-)  I'm hoping this can be a yearly tradition for us.