Tot School- Letter J

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Abby is 39 months.

Tot School

 Abby's love for the alphabet continues to grow.  She played with her alphabet puzzle several times this week.  I first asked her to find the particular letter I called out, which she can do really well. Switching gears, I had her name the letter I was holding. Then, she played teacher to help her baby doll, Lily, learn all about letters.  When Lily named the correct letter, she would get a pat on the head and Abby would tell her how proud she is. :-) 

I found an app for my phone called PhotoTouch ABC.  She LOVES the game and asks to play often. 

She also worked on an alphabet maze.  First, she found all the "J's" and then she found letters A-Z to make a path.  We used pumpkins, but I think it would have been visually easier to color or use a dot marker to make the path.

Abby enjoys watching Team Umizoomi on Nick Jr.  I found this game on the network's website and she really thought it was a lot of fun.  We played several games.  She had to locate the number they called out, what came next in the pattern sequence, name shapes and colors, and finish the number sequence.

And by request, we did another cooking experiment.  This time, homemade pizza. 

First, we started with the yeast.

She had to follow my directions on how to start the microwave to heat the water.  She thought that was pretty exciting.

Little helper..

A little too short still...

Kneading the dough..

She helped me count to 30 on the timer for the dough to rise, but she found it hard to be patient and wanted to see the dough getting bigger.

Rolling it out...

Finishing touches to make it look pretty...

Then, she informed me the pizza wanted her to read it a story. She parked her stool in front of the stove and during the whole cooking process she read the pizza a story.  :-)

And finally, she enjoyed her creation.

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