Tot School - Letter I

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Abby is 38.5 months.

Tot School

My motivation to have a theme every week is becoming relatively low.  While going through all of our school bins, Abby just started pulling stuff out to that's exactly what we did. 

During a recent trip, my aunt gave us a huge bin full of toys, books and stuffed animals.  Since, the weeks letter was "I," the ice cream truck seemed to fit right in.

We have also been working on letter recognition quite a bit here lately.  I've been using letter flashcards my mother-in-law gave us, as well as, a set I purchased from the Sing, Spell, Read, Write program.  I had intended to take it slow with weekly letter introduction, which I plan to continue, but I've noticed Abby's increased interest with letter sounds.  We do cover that each week, but I look at this as an opportunity to challenge her a bit in the coming weeks. 

One day, Abby wanted to bake.  She brought me her apron, so I thought pumpkin bread would be fun to do.  She had a lot of fun while learning how different ingredients combine to create a tasty treat.

 Abby worked on colors by using tongs to move pom poms from a bowl to paint pallette.  She had to say the color as she moved it.  She wanted to do this over and over.

I love the Dollar Store because you can find some really neat things.  One of my finds was a magnet set with shapes, colors and words for each.  I put them on a cookie sheet and she used pom poms to locate the shape I called out.  I also had the shape name next to each.  I asked her to look at the first letter of each word and tell me the name.

For Halloween, my parents gave Abby this fun little ring toss game.  It's a great learning tool for her to match the colored beads on the rings to the animal and also for coordination.  She finds it challenging to toss the ring perfectly on the animal without missing, but she enjoys it and gets really excited when she has a pefect toss!

Abby loves to be read to and she also loves reading to herself.  Often, I have found her curled up in her room or while I'm cleaning she will lay on the couch.  I hope her love of reading continues.


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