Tot School - H is for Halloween

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Abby is 38.5 months old.

Tot School

This week, we spent time outside to take advantage of the great weather and had a Halloween theme while learning about letter H.

Hiking over to Grandma's to find colorful leaves..

I found some cute printables from Over The Big Moon with a Halloween theme that we used this week.

She is using cut-outs to finish the pattern.

 Played in her sensory bin quite a bit...

Used the gel clings to decorate the window..

Worked on shadow matching..

She really likes finding pictures that do not belong!

Worked on counting and identifying numbers..

And, coloring.

And then, she stopped.  She was tired, thirsty and any other excuse she could come up with.

After a drink and some encouragement, she got started again and was super proud of the finished product.  So much, in fact, I had to put it on the refrigerator immediately.  :-)

Then, we tried something new.  Guessing the letter sound and identification by picture.  I did not expect much from this, but she blew me away.  She got all but 2 of the 8 pictures.


Time for trick or treating and dressed as Cinderella..

She had to take a break and play while visiting.

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