Tot School - Letter G

Monday, October 24, 2011

Abby is 38 months old.

Tot School

I have to admit, I was slacking ALOT this week as far as preparation goes.  Abby did not like it at ALL!  We did mostly reading, some flashcards and expanded on Moses and the Ten Commandments.  The lack of pictures resulted from my camera going MIA, but it has been recovered and next week should be interesting.

It's no secret that my little girl loves giraffes.  I knew she would love being able to relate a letter to her favorite animal.  I made a tracing sheet for her and she found her favorite friends to help her trace, including Gia the Giraffe.

She had fun working her shape/color puzzle and alphabet puzzles.

We used her lacing beads to make patterns, count, and a few cubes have numbers she put those in order.

We also worked on flashcards.  She has always loved animals and has always amazed me with her memory of even the strangest of animals, but I broke out her Brainy Baby set to see how she would do and she got all but Ferret, Hedgehog and some other odd one.  We also worked on a set her Nana had given her which included Smaller/Bigger, Left/Right, Counting and Number Identification.  She nailed them pretty good and it's really cool to see her put on the spot and how well she responds.  I have found that different number fonts make the numbers 1, 7, 6 and 9 hard to distinguish between due to the similarities.

Abby also enjoyed an Autumn sensory bin I threw together, however, all the sensory bins I put together never actually stay in the bin. But, her animals played in the leaves all afternoon and with the different leaf sizes, she was able to put them from largest to smallest and visa versa, as well as, using the container to fill and pour.

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