Tot School - F is for Fire Safety

Friday, October 21, 2011

Abby is 38 months old.

Tot School

Since moving to the country and in the process of clearing land for our house, we have quite a bit of bonfires going throughout the year.  With last week being recognized as Fire Safety Week, I thought it would be beneficial to introduce Abby to the dangers of fire and to also make her more aware when we are outside.

Last week my little firefighter worked on patterns.


Loves her foam alphabet puzzle..

Learned new vocabulary and used her toys to match..

She worked on matching the uppercase letters with the lowercase letters.

Worked on counting and number identification..

She LOVES spelling her name!

We also continued learning about Moses and focused on the Red Sea.  The Prince of Egypt has become one of her favorite movies.

Used more Firefighter theme printables to shadow match..

More patterns..

Learned how to Stop, Drop and Roll.

And, had lots of fun running in our freshly tilled future "yard." 

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