Tot School - Exploration Theme and Letter E

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Abby is 37.5 months old.

Tot School

This week, we took Dora the Explorer to a different level...Abby the Explorer!  We were outside alot this week and it was very enjoyable, but still did some activites indoors.

She played with her stacking blocks, matching colors, shapes and also sorting from largest to smallest.

Used her Mega Blocks to sort by color and build tall towers...

She loves building airplanes and was flying it everywhere! :-)

We worked on patterns.

And, we used the blocks to work on positional terms, she is placing the block ON the table.

She dot painted the elephant printable, then decided she wanted me to cut it out so she could glue it.

Practiced cutting with scissors, which is the best part of her day!

Abby worked on her numbers, by using this printable to count and circle the correct number of elephants.  She has improved SO MUCH with her number recognition.

We read ALOT this week!  She would bring me mounds of books and we would spend long periods of time just reading, sometimes the same book over and over.  She especially enjoyed Jonah and the Whale and our Bible story this week, Baby Moses.  We visited the library and borrowed The Prince of Egypt, which she loved.  At one point, she ran out of her room and yelled, "Let my people go." Haha!

She played in her sand table ALOT this week, helped in the yard preparing for our fall display and saw a few animal friends.  You can read more about that on this post.

We also went on a little hike through the woods.  I created a scavenger hunt sheet and an explorer map to guide her.  She got a kick out of it and to my surprise, we actually did find everything on the list...but we would only let her collect certain things.

She loved being in charge of the map, trying to figure out where to go.

Searching for the hill...

Animal tracks...

Finding treasures...

Finally, made it to the lake..

On the way back home, she attempted to skip rocks in the creek...but it ended up being how big of a splash the rock could make.

She was amazed with the "diamond" tracks.

My little explorer! :-)

Tools This Week!

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