Tot School - D is for Dora

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Abby is 37 months old.

Tot School

I was very excited to have found the Dora printables from 1+1+1=1, as Abby loves Dora and it was a great introduction into Spanish.  She's been familiar with counting and naming some colors in Spanish for awhile now, but this allowed us to review some of the things she knew and learn some new words, as well.

We kicked off the week with a trip to see Lion King 3D.  I was really excited to take Abby to her first movie and she did an excellent job sitting still and watching, but I think she was probably more interested in the bag of popcorn than the movie. :-)

She did lots of dot painting this week...

Worked lots of puzzles including upper and lowercase letters and a Dora puzzle which proved to be a bit challenging...

We played a color matching game in English and Spanish and she really enjoyed helping me read the Dora and Boots story in her mini lapbook.

She still hates coloring, but she is learning to be somewhat patient minus the deep breaths and declaration of how tired she is after the first minute. :-)

She put her number puzzle together saying the numbers in Spanish.

This weeks bible story was about Joseph and his beautiful coat.  She used colorful stamps to illustrate the picture and learned about trusting in God.

We played Memory..kind of..

Made a Dora sticker collage...

We also met this little fellow, a blue-tailed skink.


Ending the week with the first day of Autumn, it was a great night for a bonfire.  She played in the dirt/mud and enjoyed a hot dog and s'more.


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