Friday, September 02, 2011

Today, Abby was introduced to a brand new month today during our calendar time.  She was trying to figure out where August went due to the new sign I put up.  I explained to her that once we reach a certain number of days a's time for a new one. 

We began box number one today with the Apple Countdown book, which lead into our math portion.  Abby did a matching exercise and when she got them all right she said, "I think I'm done, Mommy..Next." 

With that, we finally got to play with a cool find in the dollar section at Target..counting blocks.  I should have gotten more because she loves them.  They are foam squares, perfect for Eiffel Tower construction.  I let her build towers for awhile and then we began the exercise.  We played a game where I asked her to place a certain color, square block on a certain number.  I did them out of order to see if she could figure it out.  She did pretty good.  There were a few she needed help with, but that's to be expected.  As we were cleaning up, I had her gather all the orange, green, blue, yellow and red squares in a sorting fashion and place them in the bags.  She enjoyed sorting and making more towers.

Next, we focused on shapes.  She's very comfortable finding them, but I tried to switch it up where she had to give me the name of the shape and then we practiced more colors with her coloring sheet from the other day.  She thought it was funny to tickle the apple with the pom pom when she found the color..haha

The next box contained our Adam and Eve story and a cut and glue exercise.  When she saw her scissors, her face lit up.  I tried to do a summary of the bible story because the book I have is pretty lengthy and I couldn't find another that I liked.  We went over it a few times and she repeated what was going on.  When it was time for her cut/glue practice, she attacked the paper with her scissors and did really good cutting the paper in half like she was told.  Those kid scissors aren't the easiest to use and you have to have them just right.  She said they weren't working and was examining them to figure out what was wrong.  We practiced together and we figured out what worked best and she was very accurate for a beginner..pretty soon she will advance to my coupon helper!

Towards the end of our time, we read a easy reader called We Fall For Apples.  She liked spotting the "a" in the book and even pointed to the word apples as we were reading.  I thought that was pretty great.  After that, she got to use the dot paint on the Do-A-Dot sheet.  We did some together because I wanted to play with it, but I was quickly reminded that it was hers and I apparently didn't get the circle completely with the marker.  She then showed me HOW to do it.  At the end she said, "See Mommy, it looks pretty."  I couldn't agree more.

To end our day, we played the apple domino game. She will say "Your turn, Mommy" and "My turn." 

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