Last Day of Apple Unit

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Today was filled with new experiences and new toys!  We used the printables from 1+1+1=1 and A Heart for Home. Abby practiced more tracing, pronouncing the "a" sound and got to help the apple with the big "A" get to the apple with the small "a."  You'll notice in her pictures she was making sound effects during the journey from one apple to another.  We also practiced with colors some more.  I think having school earlier in the day helped alot  because she did excellent on everything!

Next, we read and watched Chicka Chicka, abc.  She even pointed to each letter as I read the book.  After the show, she took a stamp with the letter "A" and stamped on an apple sheet printout.  That seemed to make her happy, but she got frustrated with the "A" as sometimes it was upside down when she stamped.

We then read I Am an Apple and practiced more with the life cycle of an apple.  She loves the pictures of seedlings.  I thought our next project would be exciting, but it failed.  I cut an apple in half to show her the inside and let her apple paint.  Let's just say that her little hands got dirty and she didn't like it AT ALL!  The funny thing is..she can get dirty and dig in the dirt all day, but paint..a totally different story.

After lunch, we made a counting grid and worked with patterns some more.  Then, moved on to a picture of an apple putting it in order from top, middle and bottom.  She also had an exercise where she had to lace the apple with yarn.  It really focuses on hand-eye coordination.  She was very focused and was so proud of her work, she ran to show it off to Daddy.

We then read about Adam and Eve again and talked about what happened.  To end the day, we played a memory game which she didn't totally hate, but didn't love.

But, I had a surprise for her.  I saved the apple seeds from the Apple Carrot Cupcakes I made the other day and we recruited Daddy to help with our Johnny Appleseed project.  We planted several Red Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith pips into a cardboard egg crate.  She really enjoyed dropping the seeds in.  It is housed on the window ledge and will allow us to watch it germinate in the coming weeks.  Hopefully, since I wasn't in charge of planting they will actually survive! :-)

It seems as though our orchard trip will be delayed due to warm weather.  We plan on going Tuesday of next week because of the perfect weather and timing.  For now, we get to enjoy a nice long weekend!

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