B is for Ballerina, Bear, Bumblebee and Butterfly

Monday, September 05, 2011

Today was suppossed to be a holiday and vacation day from school, but Abby has been asking since Saturday, "Mommy, I do school today?"  After hearing that question about 10 times this morning, I threw something together.  This week will be a variety, but that can be good.

I layed out several activities and allowed her to pick.  Since we are still experimenting with things, I wanted to see what she went for.  First, she wanted to read Angelina Ballerina.  She really enjoyed the story and I also had a Angelina Ballerina video for her to watch.

Next, she chose the number matching cards, number puzzle and bead tray.  We practiced number recognition with the puzzle.  She was having problems getting the puzzle piece in so decided to sit on top of the puzzle to make it fit. :-)  And, the bead tray allowed me to review the numbers we've focused on so far, 0-2.  I basically said, "Place __ bead(s) in the tray."  She was a little confused about "0" but began to understand after a few times and reminder that zero meant nothing.  The number matching cards were similar to finding the shadow in a sense.  She is good at matching, I just continue to focus on number recognition. 

Next, she chose the Corduroy book and craft.  The book is based on a bear missing a button.  Before reading, we looked at the letter Bb and sounded it out.  We talked about stuff that begins with "B" and when we read the story we pointed to words in the book beginning with "B."  Her craft project was to color a bear (still practicing our coloring skills).  We added some finishing touches to her bear and VOILA!

Lastly, she wanted to use her dry erase board.  I had some inserts with uppercase letters and lowercase letters.  I randomly had her mark the letter I said. 

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