Autumn Explorations

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This week, I decided to continue with the Dora theme with emphasis on Exploring.  The new season has greeted us with beautiful weather and we have taken full advantage of it!

Abby enjoyed her afternoons so far this week hunting for treasures in a giant sensory bin, her sand table.

Eventually, we  broke out the wheelbarrows in preparation for our Fall display.  She helped move rocks around and we discovered quite a few creatures during our project, including our second skink and a little frog.

We helped Daddy on the tractor..

Played in LOTS of dirt and mud..


And yes, she is jumping into a big pile of mud!

 Super proud of her dirty hands! ;-)

Drew shapes...

Trying to sneak up on Daddy in the garage...

She explored our new flowers and helped arrange pumpkins.

She LOVES the scarecrows..

And finally, finished the display..


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