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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another fun filled day today.  We started off by looking at the number "2" and doing a Minnie Mouse worksheet where she traces the number.  She really likes tracing, but "2" is a little harder to draw than a "1." 

We also watched Larry Boy and the Bad Apple again and talked about Adam and Eve being tempted in the Garden of Eden.  She really enjoys the Veggie Tales theme song.

She also got more practice in patterns and we did a number grid with apple cutouts.  I meant to take a picture of her doing her pattern, but it ended up being a very small movie clip. 

Printables are found here and here.

 Finding shapes... 

After a Kai-lan break, we resumed with coloring and tracing. She informed me she doesn't like the large crayons..only the small ones so....  And the best part, she can't seem to understand why the white crayon won't work.  She colors on white paper with it and says it's not working.  Haha.  We also made a lowercase "a" craft using foam to look like an apple from Totally Tots.  She really enjoys playing with the glue and glue stick.

We then read Chicka Chicka, abc..a smaller version of the original and watched the video several times and did more coloring and tracing.  And, we ended the day playing Worms in My Apples..but I could tell she was shot for the day so we ended that game shortly after we started.

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