Apples and Letter A

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We started the day with excitement like usual and with calendar time.  She loves singing the days of the week song and checking the weather for the day.  I promised a picture of the workbox station and here is the setup for now.  Finally, the old changing table has a purpose. 

I really hope to have a better setup soon. We are missing the year! 
All printables used today were found here and here.
Abby began the day with Apple color cards.

Next, we read Apples, Apples, Apples.  It's a cute book about a family taking a trip to the orchard, which we are planning to do this coming weekend.  It discusses the life cycle of the apple and offers some recipes to try out.

Abby had been eyeing the apple sponge in her workbox all morning and could not wait to play with it.  She wasn't too keen on her fingers getting paint on them, though.

 We also looked at the Montessori nomenclature cards with vocabulary terms.  She had a set to match the word with the picture and we got to see how an apple grows.
 She worked on a color by number sheet and then we watched Larry Boy and the Bad Apple, a Veggie Tales show about temptation. 

 Next, we did some dot painting and read Apples for Everyone.  I told Abby to find all of the big A's and then the little A's. 

Then, we read a book called Apple Countdown and she counted the apples and placed her pom poms on it once she counted correctly.

Playing a matching game.

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