Freebie Friday: Letter S | Cut & Paste Letter Sort

Friday, February 03, 2017

Today, I'm back with a free printable from Bitty Beginnings' Letter S | Sheep & Strawberry Alphabet Letter Learning Pack.  You can view ALL free printables up to this point here.

letter s

This download includes the Cut & Paste Letter Sort from the Letter S | Strawberry + Sheep Pack which can be printed in green/blue or pink/purple.  You can find the complete Letter S Pack and many other activities by visiting the Bitty Beginnings shop on Etsy.

When Summer was younger I would pre-cut the letters and just have her paste as she sorted.  A few weeks later, I would cut the letter portion into strips where she could then cut them out individually.  Before long she would ask to do the whole thing by herself.  More often than not she prefers using a glue stick for this activity, but occasionally I switch it up with a bottle of glue so we can practice "dot, dot, not a lot" and not going crazy with the glue. ;-)

Hope you enjoy!

Click the image below to download.
Freebie Letter S

Freebie Friday: Letter R | Pre-Writing Practice

Friday, January 27, 2017

Welcome back to Freebie Friday! 

Each week I'll be offering FREE printables courtesy of Jen from Bitty Beginnings, as part of her Alphabet Letter Learning Pack Collection.  You can view all free printables here.

letter r collage

Today, I'm sharing the Letter R | Pre-Writing Practice from Bitty Beginnings' Letter R| Rhino & Rabbit Letter Pack.  This activity can be printed in two color options, pink/purple or green/blue.

Also, be sure to take advantage of Bitty Beginnings' January Sale happening now!  Click here to check out all letter packs and activities and use CELEBRATE2017 at checkout from now through the end of January!

To download, click the image below.

letter r image

Freebie Friday: Letter Q | Letter Hunt Template

Friday, January 20, 2017

Today I'm sharing one of our favorite activities from the Bitty Beginnings' Alphabet Letter Learning Packs--Letter Hunt Template!

letter q collage

We use these in SO many ways.  I have printed on scrapbook paper and also on printer paper, using markers to design fun images.  This could be an activity for kids to design, as well.  After printing, I laminate for durability and cut them out.  The template includes three different sizes of both uppercase and lowercase Letter Q.  We sequence big to little/little to big, hide in sensory bins and even use painter's tape to "hide" the letters around the room for Summer to hunt for.  She LOVES this!  I give her a basket and she plays over and over!

Also, be sure to take advantage of Bitty Beginnings' January Sale happening now!  Click here to check out all letter packs and activities and use CELEBRATE2017 at checkout from now through the end of January!

To download, click the image below.

letter q image

Freebie Friday: Letter P | Letter Puzzles

Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday!

Throughout the year I'll be offering FREE printables courtesy of Jen from Bitty Beginnings, as part of her Alphabet Letter Learning Pack Collection.  You can view all free printables here.

letter p collage

This week, I'm sharing both Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Puzzles, from the adorable
Letter P | Pie + Pig Alphabet Letter Learning Pack!

To download, click the image below.

letter p image

Letter O | Owl & Orange

Monday, January 09, 2017

Happy Monday, Friends! 

We are over halfway through the alphabet and Summer is enjoying our weeks so much more now that we've added our letter of the week activities back in!  If you are new here, we've been using the A-Z Alphabet Letter Learning Packs from Bitty Beginnings as a base for our weekly themes and the majority of our printables.  This year, we added Abeka K4 into our week, as well.

This week's set-up...


We switched things up this week and used stickers instead of dot markers which was a fun change.  I had her tell me the sound of  "o" each time she "spotted" the letter.  You can download a free set here.


I shared this picture on Instagram (@themagnoliabarn), but she loves "playing cards."  I sort the stack handing her half of the two-part cards, leaving me with the other half.  We each take turns laying a card down and usually do this several times just because she enjoys it so much.


She LOVED this week's pre-writing practice sheet with all the swirls!


And, then I hid her Look & Find pieces in a basket filled with raffia.  She had so much fun with this and did the activity over and over again.  I also added her Letter Hunt letters (various sized Letter O's printed on scrapbook paper) and then she sequenced them big to little/little to big.



I found this neat little die in one of my manipulatives bins.  I had her roll it, tell me the number and then count out and spoon that amount of beads into the tray.


We played Alphabet Bingo focusing on letter sounds...


Worked on patterns...


And played several games of Hoot Owl Hoot, one of Summer's favorite games!


We are still in the review portion of Abeka with a few new concepts thrown in here and there. Right now she is learning consonants and beginning to blend while working on listening for vowel sounds at the beginning and middle of words.



Handwriting is also a focus we are working on.  She's pretty meticulous on her work and will erase over and over until she gets it right or close to it.  I usually have her practice on the whiteboard before she begins with pencil and paper, but her new Boogie Board for Christmas has been a fun addition.


Letter N | Newt & Nectarine

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Summer began Abeka K4 towards the end of September.  During that time, we took a break from our weekly letter themes and solely focused on getting acquainted with the new curriculum, which you can read more about here.  My idea was to get a routine in place, figure out the curriculum and then slowly begin adding more activities into our day.  The last few weeks have been hit or miss with the holidays, but I wanted to share a peek at our preschool week since combining both curriculums.

Her setup...


A closer look at her activities...


So while Summer and I both are really enjoying the Abeka K4, I also wanted to include extra activities and fun themes into our week again.  It just feels more personalized and is something we both really missed.  I pulled out our Bitty Beginnings Alphabet Letter Packs and we picked up where we left off.

We worked on two-part puzzles, download free here.


Letter sorting, cutting and pasting...


Letter recognition...

Kaitlyn joined us one afternoon and loved the Do-A-Dot activity!




And, beading her letter bracelet...


We used these printables from 1+1+1=1 to go along with our Letter N theme, but also go along with her Abeka lessons on shapes.



She loved this letter match game!


Her Abeka lessons have been a good mix of review and new material. We've been reviewing counting and number recognition and number sequence. 


She loves playing with our jumbo dice.  I'd have her roll and tell me the number and then jump that many times, which she loved!


And, she's been learning the difference between vowels and consonants and learning to blend along the way.


2016-2017 Curriculum Choices

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I spent the majority of the summer doing everything besides planning and purchasing curriculum for the new school year.  While it's always fun to do, I simply was procrastinating big time!  We were anticipating the arrival of our new baby girl, in early October, and I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do with my girls.  I knew the year (and life in general) was going to be interesting while I juggled a third grader, preschooler, toddler and newborn so I knew I needed to make a good decision.

My third grader was the obvious priority, but I still wasn't sure what direction to go in with her, though I had some ideas.  I needed to be realistic.  As much as I enjoy piecing together printables, activities, books, etc. for my girls, I wanted something complete that would save me time upfront.  I figured eventually I could add and customize during the year, if I chose.  We had previously tried boxed curriculum (Abeka) with Abby for first grade and while she did well academically, we struggled in other areas early on--like organization and time management.  Last year, I went a completely different direction and while I enjoyed parts of it--I felt certain programs I chose weren't cutting it or a good fit.  I kept finding myself reflect back to Abby's first grade year (especially the Abeka math) and wish we had just continued on because she did so well, even though we had a rocky start.  At the same time, I was also concerned with what I wanted to do for Summer.  I wanted to include her in daily school and while I loved our current program and all the fun activities, I couldn't promise myself I'd have the time or energy to make that possible. 

 As I began to look more closely at the Abeka curriculum site, I noticed a representative was set to visit our town within the next few days.  I discussed it with my husband and we decided to go "look" at the materials display.  Ultimately, we ended up choosing the third grade program for Abby and eventually decided on the K4 program for Summer. 

We are seven weeks into our lessons and I am very happy with our selections so far!  Summer is LOVING her lessons and learning quickly and I am loving the ease of including her.  Abby is happy with the program so far, as well. One of the main things that has helped this go around is experience.  As soon as we received the girls' books, I began organizing their papers and making room for all cards and charts within easy reach.  You can read more about how I do that here, though I modified the system slightly this year organizing papers in folders labeled by lesson number.  

With Summer, I plan to eventually add more activities as her lessons are rather short--lasting anywhere between 15-20 minutes.  She loved our weekly themes using Bitty Beginnings printables and my plan is to begin incorporating those activities and other theme related printables back into our weeks as time allows.  I hope to share a glimpse of our daily activities in the coming weeks and months!