Freebie Friday: Letter L | Playdough Mat

Friday, June 24, 2016

Welcome back to Freebie Friday!

Throughout the summer I'll be offering FREE printables courtesy of Jen from Bitty Beginnings, as part of her Alphabet Letter Learning Pack Collection.  You can view all free printables here.


This week I'm sharing a cute Playdough Mat Activity from the Letter L | Lion + Lollipop Alphabet Letter Learning Pack which can be printed in either pink/purple or blue/green.

Through the end of August, you can get the Complete A-Z Alphabet Letter Activity Set on SALE now for $25!
To download, click the image below.
letter L freebie image

USA Geography | New York

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Next on our trip through the Northeast is New York!

New York is such a fun state to learn about!  Reading was the main theme this week as there were so many read aloud options and Abby (well all the girls, really) loved reading them, some several times.  My favorite sites for books are here and here


These cute figurines are from a set of NYC Toobs I found at a local arts and crafts store.  They were perfect to accent our shelf and Abby was pretty interested in each piece. The items are labeled for easy reference and we spent one day specifically looking each up online and reading interesting facts.


We also took some time to look at various paintings and illustrations by Norman Rockwell.  I remember my grandmother having several copies of The Saturday Evening Post laying around her home and thought it would be fun to have Abby illustrate her version of the magazine cover.  I found this printable for her to use.


USA Geography | New Jersey

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

As of last week, we are officially done with Abby's second grade year...yay! I got a little behind posting our geography activities over the last several weeks, so over the next month I'll be sharing the rest of our Northeast activities before diving into the South.
One of my favorite aspects of our geography block is the variety of read alouds we have come across for each state.  It's a mixture of fiction and non-fiction and these two sites (here and here) are fantastic in providing great book options.


We kept the activities rather simple, sticking with highly requested printables.  This printable is great for reviewing facts we've learned throughout the week while also introducing a few new topics we can research and learn more about.


Another weekly printable we use are these USA Passport sheets.  I love the graphics and Abby enjoys flipping through our growing book of states.


Letter K | Koala & Kisses + Giveaway

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer is 46 months old.

With the end of the school year quickly approaching for my oldest and our schedule a little off, Summer's Letter K week was more on the simple side. I extended her activities over the course of two weeks to make up for a few busy days thrown in here and there. 

Her set-up...


Our themes and the majority of the printables we use each week (not all pictured) are from the Alphabet Learning Pack Collection from Bitty Beginnings on Etsy.  Through the end of August, you can grab the entire A-Z Collection for $25!

She loves this Spot It! activity to practice uppercase and lowercase letter identification.  Since we've been working on letter sounds, I also had her say the letter sound each time she dotted the letter.


Another favorite, this do-a-dot sheet which you can download free here.


I also like to include various activities from the Animal ABC's collection from 1+1+1=1 when our theme animals match up.

She used stickers to cover the numbers I called out, which was a fun change.


And, we practiced shapes, colors and following directions with this sheet.  I would ask her to trace a certain shape with a certain color.


I mentioned in this post something new I was trying out with Summer.  We are in a bit of transition phase where she is needing more challenges in certain areas, but more practice in others.  This week we continued the K4 program with a review of numbers.  She's really enjoying the extra activities and many she asks to do several times in a row. 

She practiced numbers 11-20...




Shape puzzles and colors...


I laid out number flashcards (1-10) and she LOVED hopping to the number I called out.  It drove her nuts that I called the numbers out in random order, so after we were done she asked to put the numbers in order. :-)


Working with pattern blocks...


This was her favorite! We took turns rolling the giant dice, counted and then she would circle the correct number on her sheet. We played this at least three times, she loved it!



And, now for the Giveaway!

Jen from Bitty Beginnings is offering one of my readers a chance to win her Letter K | Alphabet Learning Pack filled with over 12 activities!  The pack includes the option to print certain activities in either pink/purple or green/blue depending on your child and she details how to prep each activity along with fun ways to play.  Keep checking back for more opportunities to win each week as I share each letter!

Freebie Friday: Letter K | Do-A-Dot Activity

Friday, May 27, 2016

Welcome back to Freebie Friday!

Each week I'll be offering FREE printables courtesy of Jen from Bitty Beginnings, as part of her Alphabet Letter Learning Pack Collection.  You can view all free printables here.


Today, I'm sharing a fun Do-A-Dot Activity from the Letter K | Koala + Kisses Alphabet Letter Learning Pack!  My girls love an excuse to pull out the Dot Markers, but stickers, magnetic pom poms, and jewels can be fun alternative manipulatives to switch things up.  The activity can be printed in either pink/purple or green/blue.

Through the end of August, you can get the Complete A-Z Alphabet Letter Activity Set on SALE now for $25!


USA Geography | New Hampshire

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We are continuing our travels through the Northeast, this week visiting New Hampshire!

Geography is still Abby's favorite part of our day!  She likes sharing what she's learned and occasionally we will do pop quizzes at random times during the week which she LOVES!


Our geography lessons are spread out over the course of five days.  I've mentioned this before, but when I began planning to add U.S. Geography into our schedule I wanted something simple and manageable, but also something I could do daily to give Abby a good review.  This allows us to include read alouds, fun worksheets/coloring sheets and activities to enhance the week.  I have been using this curriculum as a general guide and I like the information and materials it provides and recommends, but also that it allows the flexibility to add or omit where needed. Our geography blocks take anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on what activity is planned, some weeks being fuller than others depending on the resources and time available.  Though I have a general plan of typical activities I want to cover each week, I'm always on the hunt for a new activity or craft to use for each specific state to keep things fresh. Some weeks my plans may look completely different from the initial plan, but I have really enjoyed having a basic plan in place to keep me accountable. 

Here's a peek at a typical week...

lesson plan2

A new resource we happened upon was this super cute magnetic USA puzzle my dad picked up. Abby spent most of her free time putting it together, getting to know the state shapes and familiarizing herself with other states we have not yet covered.


At the end of the week, we played a quick game of Jeopardy to review Massachusetts and New Hampshire, which Abby always seems to enjoy and watched several episodes of Liberty's Kids to correlate with this read aloud.

Next week, we travel to New Jersey!

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